[Notice] v1.1.3.0 Patch Notes (Updated September 8th)

by VSpang posted Sep 06, 2017

Hello, everyone!


Today, we introduce to you the contents of the v1.1.3.0 patch notes.


<New Contents>

- Improved Thumbnails

Thumbnails will now show a hunter's level, transcendence state, element, and availability.


- Add Transcendence System

From this version on, you can use the transcendence menu from the gym.

Transcendence can only be used by 3★ hunters and up, and it requires the same hunter and special ingredients.


- Add Excavation Association Finding Missing Hunters

There is a small chance that you will find a special entrance to a ruin where you can get 3★ hunter traces when you clear Expedition Areas or use auto-combat. Please keep in mind that you can invite your friends to the entrance when you find one as well!

You can see which hunters are available to be discovered in 'Check Schedule' after the update.


- Improve Sort Function

Sorting hunters in the gym is improved.


- Add 'Quit Game' in Pause Screen

You can now quit the area you are battling when the screen is paused.

Your fuel does not get used up when you quit your match.


- Edit Fever System

The fever system has been edited so that the ultra-fever level is easier to maintain.

The background of Expedition Area matches will slowly speed up with each touch.


- Change Rupee Drop Appearance Animation


<Fixed Bugs>

- Improved background blur error

- Fixed item appearing on top of item box in the victory page

- Fixed certain hunters' attack speed decreasing

- AOS Fixed drafting mail disappearing when going into the chatbox

- iOS Fixed app crashings when sleep mode is on.

- Fixed sound effects sometimes not playing

- Fixed slow touch responsiveness and sound error on the latest Samsung firmware

- Fixed all hunters undergoing cool time in the beginning of the Expedition Area match

- Optimized memory and performance

- Improved stability


Thank you for your interest!