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[Notice] Update Preview   [8]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello everyone, VSpang here again with some update news!

    Below you can find the details for the upcoming Update!




    <Changes Made>

    -  Newly Revamped Search System Open

    The in-game Search system has been revamped and reopened! A number of new hunters have been introduced to the searches and overall the system has been more convenient.  And with more stages cleared, more searches will be readily available as well.

    We hope you enjoy the newly reborn Search system.

    To find out more about the changes, refer to the links below!


    Search for Missing Hunters System Change Announcement - https://bs.visualshower.com/en/1123833

    Newly Revamped Search System Q&A! - https://bs.visualshower.com/en/1128714


    - Search Help Section Update

    Search Help Section has been updated to reflect the newly opened system.


    - Guild Help Section Addition


    - Improved In-game Visual Effects

    Some visual effects have been added to improve gameplay and battles

    : Team health is shown with numbers

    : Team HP colors are different from the Partner (Guildmate/Friend) Hunter.

    : Visual effects for damages are different depending on elements

    : Additional guidance is shown when changing a character according to their elements and elemental advantages.


    - Ability to Save Previous Chatting Channels Added

     Channels are saved when adding a number manually and will be remembered as a primary selection for the next sign in.


    - When obtaining hunters with their traces, the default number has been changed to 1 recruit.


    <Bug Fixes>

    - The event badges partially covering the defense strategies has been fixed.

    - Frequent Entering and Reconnecting messages in the guild chat has been fixed.

    - Issues regarding being unable to find friends on your friend list or users who have sent you a friend request have been fixed.

    - Notifications being seen as chat inputs in Guild chat has been fixed.

    - Text overextending message borders in the mailbox fixed.

    - Red dot notifications being visible on the friend list even though all friend requests have been taken care of fixed.

    - Menu scroll optimized


    ※ The update date for iOS may be changed depending on its verification process.


    Thank you all Captains of Midgard for your love, support, and interest!

    We hope you enjoy your time in Midgard!


    VSpang Out!


    • VSpang 2019.04.01 15:27
      For Captains who aren't seeing changes in the Searches, please update to the latest version through the Play Store or App Store!
    • SONNYxq 2019.04.01 20:27
      This update is horrible! Let us please disable this numbers on health bar!
    • Lyell 2019.04.02 15:02
      Agreed! I don't care about numbers at all, i feel like it's harder to see the health of hunters now. Exspecially without glasses
    • Dmeto 2019.04.02 01:33
      RIP standard scrolls
      RIP Low LVL gems and rare high LVL gems from gold runs.
    • Neishune 2019.04.02 08:57
    • Hevy 2019.04.02 20:13
      So i have to be over 12k to get specific hunter traces.... nice
    • Deneu 2019.04.02 22:17
      Add scrolls and jewels to Hunter searches as well like before! New update suck balls.
    • Chiquito26 2019.04.03 19:19
      ! Pls add a function to multi-select and buy more than one gem at the same time

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