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[Notice] Beyond Imagination! Grand Scale Update Notes Announcement!(April Fool's Prank!)   [14]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hope you enjoyed April Fool's Day! On April 1st next year, we will come back with more promising content!


    Hello, Captains of Midgard,

    It’s VSpang here with some long-awaited news!

    We are proud to announce some big changes coming to Midgard.

    Not only are we bringing you a variety of updates made in the game, but we’re also bringing you news about White Island!


    The developers have spent a lot of time and effort on the soon-to-be released new content!

    We hope you can look forward to them as much as us!


    1. Midgard’s Food Revolution


    Item_1.png Item_2.png


    Drafting from the success of the always unique and interesting Tyltyl, we’re announcing the revival of the legendary items “Octagon Gimbap” and “Combat Rations."


    One day, Tyltyl made something quite light-heartedly. But with her natural born talent and her cultish popularity, she found her creation to be the center of all the hunters’ attention. The legendary Octagon Gimbap!

    And her other creation, Combat Rations! At first, it was shunned for its distinct stickiness and militant taste and texture. But no one could deny its high nutritional value- or its high calorific value. This mysterious food has been known to instantly revive even the most exhausted and near-death hunters.


    We aren’t entirely sure how these two items might help get some hunters through rough days in Midgard. However, we've heard through the grapevine that one bite of either food can take anyone to the top of Fight Club. Quite the strength and potential these two items have!


    This...this is really good for Captains...I mean REALLY GOOD but I don’t know how to further express it.


    Anyway, it’s good! Come find out for yourselves what exactly the benefits will be!


    2. Midgard Renovation Project!





    Midgard is looking to change its look! Similar to the scale of an MMORPG!


    Compared to the past, the new village will be dozens of times larger with many more buildings to add to your convenience. That along with being able to talk with other users in real-time in a designated Village Square plus a new farm that will provide opportunities to grow and mine valuable items for the Midgard lifestyle! All to add to the fun gaming experience.


    We would love to continue but that would spoil the fun. For everything not mentioned here, we recommend you, Captains, to find out for yourselves!


    3.  A Collaboration to Commemorate the Planning of the White Island Steam Release





    “White Island”, the home of our lovable hunter Sunny, has some brand-new updates! To the Captains interested, you can read about the latest official White Island news and further info here: http://wi.visualshower.com/en/439511

    (Ta-da!) White Island, which has been praised for its outstanding quality, story and adventure on the mobile platform has been developed for the PC and will be released through “Steam!”


    In addition to the official conclusion of White Island Season 2, the new version of White Island will have a more polished and refined story, with improved in-game controls and functions. As White Island as our flagship title, with its stunning and marvelous graphics and sounds, we look to hold steady the reputation as a well-made horror adventure!


    In honor of this great news, a collaboration between the Hunter Union and world-famous corporation Fortune Seeker is set to happen. And with this collaboration, we will introduce the ALB-21 through Estelle's Market.




    The Syringe type ALB-21 is an entire step up from the conventional Stimpack currently used by hunters. The ALB-21 will boost Hunters' attack, as well as vastly curing their insomnia, arteriosclerosis, neuralgia, and lack of appetite!

    We are positive this will revolutionize and improve Midgard and our hunters' capability as we know it.


    We hope that you will stay tuned to all updates regarding food, surroundings, and community improvements! We look forward to all your interest and support!


    Thank you.

    • Trixmatyr 2019.04.01 12:01
      This feels like April fools
    • SONNYxq 2019.04.01 12:06
    • Calludus 2019.04.01 12:18
      I'm still waiting for "Blustone the animation" on Cartoon Network!
      It's been an exact 1 year actually.
      April Fools be no more please hahaha!
    • Fukurama 2019.04.01 12:22
      Wow can't wait for the upscale of Blustone into an AAA-title mmorpg :o
    • Haiyo 2019.04.01 12:32
      I hope this isn't a April Fool's joke, but it does sound exciting. XD I'm looking forward to the new changes!
    • Haiyo 2019.04.01 12:33
      I hope this isn't a April Fool's joke, but it does sound exciting. XD I'm looking forward to the new changes!
    • Haiyo 2019.04.01 12:33
      I hope this isn't a April Fool's joke, but it does sound exciting. XD I'm looking forward to the new changes!
    • Haiyo 2019.04.01 12:33
      I hope this isn't a April Fool's joke, but it does sound exciting. XD I'm looking forward to the new changes!
    • Haiyo 2019.04.01 12:33 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Reincarnate 2019.04.01 13:07
    • RoyalGamerz07 2019.04.01 17:28
      After seeing the image of the app b4 clicking it to play. I don't think I can trust this article too, it seems kinda fishy especially it's april fools. Hmmmmmmmm....
    • Seekai 2019.04.01 18:17
      Hope this is true, otherwise it's a pure waste of time to post something of this degree.
    • Muskrat 2019.04.01 18:45
      Where is all the snow!??? Midgard should be frigid, not sunny and warm!!!
    • fluger69 2019.04.01 20:35
      “Island2” I Guarentee That Island1/Island Was Used To Test Sunny At Release.

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