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[News] Changes on Character Balance - Geranium   [4]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello everyone, this is VSpang.


    I am here to announce some upcoming changes in an in-game character's balance.


    <Balance-Related Changes>
    - Changes in Hunter’s Skill Effect
    : Geranium
    2nd Skill, reduction of enemies’ maximum HP, removed
    2nd Skill changed to bleeding effect that will remain until disabled/deactivated
    4th Skill, removal of enemy’s beneficial effects, implemented (This effect will be applied to the subject of the Force Switch.)
    5th Skill, armor penetration, increased from 10 to 15


    ※ The balance-related changes will be implemented on May 10.


    We will continue to work hard to provide better services for our users!

    Have a good day!

    • Calludus 2019.05.09 17:42
      Permanent debuffs and buffs are actually made the game imbalance. I'll blame Juno for this haha he started the commotion.

      You should add Block Chance up/down and Damage Reduction Block up/down buffs and debuffs indicators or icons just like current Atk/def up/down, Spd up, Spd down (Attack disabled) and bleeding indicators so that we are aware what buff and debuff being applied. Multiple buffs and debuffs indicators or icons should be shown as well.
    • Seo_Hyun 2019.05.09 17:50
      An unneeded movement on a barely accesible unit that was already broken. Bad, bad, bad.
    • RaynerSin 2019.05.12 08:33
      Permanent bleed?? Who's horrible idea is this? So the only 2 reliable option to beat an fc def with geranium is to either waste a slot on offense for therapy, or have a genovia? Well wasting 4 rage on therapy skills is a recipe for timing out disaster. So realistically genovia is the ONLY answer.

      Ive put up with so much bullshit... But this. This is pay to win to the max. Time to find a different game.
    • Seo_Hyun 2019.05.12 11:50

      Funny thing is, you can't even use Therapy, because she gets stunned when Geranium critical effect activates. Mix this with a Windblade or Vincent on frontline at the time your main attacker is vulnerable, and you're set for even more sad feastos lol.

      PS: The correct answer is using  Genovia indeed. Have fun whaling and getting timed out or rekt by bleed anyways cuz shes an easy kill for elec units and 0 dps lmao. xd

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