[Update] New Content! The "Guild Blitz" System Notice

by Natara posted Aug 22, 2019



Hello Captains, this is Natara!

Today, I'm here to present you the details of the new content "Guild Blitz" that was introduced recently!


# What is a Guild Blitz?

- A fierce fight between Guilds to get the newly found Metron Strip Mine.

- The Blitz will be held for a week. Each Guild needs to make the best use of the Guild Members' Hunters to fight.

- Like the Mirage Ruins, you need to use all your hunters for the Guild Blitz. It is good to grow as many of your hunters, as having many strong hunters is advantageous. (However, if there are many identical hunters, the hunter with the highest strength will be chosen to participate).


# Guild Blitz Schedule!

- The Guild Blitz will start every Monday 15:00 (UTC+9) and end after a week.

The first Guild Blitz Participation Request will start on Monday, 26th August at 15:00 (UTC+9).

- You can check the notice for each stage in the town.

- The Guild Blitz will be held once every week. The approximate schedule is as follows:

  : Monday 15:00 (UTC+9) – Guild Blitz Participation Request

  : Wednesday 15:00 (UTC+9) – End of Guild Blitz Participation Request

  : Wednesday 15:00 (UTC+9) – Defense Deployment Begins

  : Friday 15:00 (UTC+9) – Attack Starts

  : Sunday 15:00 (UTC+9) – Guild Blitz Result Calculation Starts

  : Sunday 17:00 (UTC+9) – Rewards Begin to Send Out

  : Monday 15:00 (UTC+9) – Last Rewards Sent Out

※ Rewards that are not received will be sent through Schumann's Hunter Supply Station.


# Participating in the Guild Blitz

- You can enter the Guild Blitz through the "Hunter Guild" located at the bottom of the town.

- Any Captain who joined the Guild can freely make a Participation Request.

- However, you cannot participate in the Guild Blitz if you don't make a Participation Request during the given period.

- You cannot participate in the Guild Blitz if less than 10 of your Guild Members have made a Participation Request.

It is essential to gather 10 or more participating members before the Guild Blitz starts.

- The hunters’ Attacking Power, Equipment, and Jewel are fixed at the moment of Guild Blitz participation.

- After the Participation Request is completed, the Guild Blitz will start after an hour of preparation time.


# Guild Blitz Defense Preparation

- The Guild Blitz will start right after the matchmaking.

- Guild Members can deploy a "Defense Team" in each base and will win a fixed quantity of points for deploying a team.

- Only hunters with a certain Attacking Power can be deployed. 4 hunters are needed to form a team.

- The hunter deployed as a defense team cannot attack afterwards. You need to consider a balance between defense and attack before deploying a hunter.


# Guild Blitz Attack Start!

- Each Guild Member can use the hunters who are not deployed in a defense team to attack the opponent's base.

- You can win a fixed quantity of points for occupying a base. The winning point for occupying the final defense line is much higher. You can also receive extra points when you meet certain conditions.

- A hunter who has been used in the Guild Blitz cannot be used again in the same Guild Blitz.


# Guild Blitz Result Calculation

- The final outcome of the Guild Blitz will be decided by the total number of points achieved through the attack and defense.

- The reward amount will be adjusted based on the Guild's total Attacking Power and the final outcome.

- However, you cannot get rewards if your individual winning point is 0 or if the Guild's winning points are too low.

- You can get the exclusive "Medal of Honor" for the Guild Blitz as a reward. You can use the medal to purchase from the "Exclusive Medal of Honor Shop." "★4 Leon, the Veteran Army Surgeon" hunter that can be received only through the Medal of Honor will be added to the Exclusive Medal of Honor Shop.


※ The Guild Blitz rules and some numbers might be changed after the release to provide a better service.


※ The Guild Blitz rewards could be changed as well.


Captains, we hope you look forward to the new content, the "Guild Blitz" in our upcoming update!


Thank you.