[Notice] ★4 Hunter "Leon, the Veteran Army Surgeon" joins Midgard!

by Natara posted Aug 23, 2019



Hello, Captains of Midgard!

Natara is back for a new announcement.


I’m here to introduce a new hunter to Midgard - Leon, the Veteran Army Surgeon!


The new ★4 Hunter Leon will not be added to the Lottery Mouse's special recruiting page. You can recruit Leon only by purchasing Leon's Traces in the Guild Medal Shop.


<Update Period>

After the Guild Blitz Update


<Hunter Introduction>


Leon, the Veteran Army Surgeon


Try your best not to get hurt. It's tiresome to make a treatment.


Leon is the Polar Bear tribe's veteran army surgeon who has treated injured people in battle for many years. However, during the last battle he participated, he could not save a severely injured commander and left the battlefields.


There is a rumor that Leon, who disappeared without a trace afterwards, has been seen in the Guild Fight. During the period when Leon was active, the Polar Bear tribe's warriors who met him wanted to recruit him for his fast and efficient treatment skills specialized for battle. However, it is not easy to find the whereabouts of Leon.


Leon cannot be recruited through the normal Lottery Mouse recruitment. You can collect Leon's Traces only through the Guild Fight.



<Hunter Skills Introduction>

Character Description:


Leon is a support hunter specialized in the Guild Fight for his very efficient treatment skill. Leon's emergency measure is extremely skillful and efficient. Thus, when using his skills, you can get back 1 Rage Gauge instantly while also increasing the frontline teammate's critical chance during recovery.

Furthermore, activated by chance, a special drug is used. The drug consumes the frontline teammate's HP, which greatly increases their attack ability and makes them in an immunity state.

The true value of Leon is maximized in the Guild Fight. All teammates who make an attack with Leon can get HP, attack, and defense bonus.


Skill Description:


Super-Simple Emergency Measure : An emergency measure for the frontline teammate. Greatly recovers the frontline teammate’s HP.


Proficient Treatment : Gets back 1 Rage Gauge thanks to an efficient treatment skill. It also temporarily increases the frontline teammate's critical chance.


Stim Pack : Activated by chance during an emergency measure, a special drug is used. It consumes the frontline teammate's HP, but temporarily increases attack and attack speed while being in an immunity state. 


Veteran Army Surgeon : Slightly increases the frontline teammate's HP every 3 seconds. It also increases all teammates' attack, defense, and HP during the Guild Fight.


Equipment Description:


Combat Scalpel : The biggest, strongest scalpel Leon has. It’s not as sharp as before due to it being handled roughly.


Cold Protection Jacket : It's heavier beyond imagination as the jacket is filled with medical tools and medicines.


Operation Bag : A scary bag that contains a lot of terrifying surgical tools. It would be better not to open the bag for your mental health.


Enjoy your time in the Guild Blitz with the new Veteran Army Surgeon, Leon who can be a great support for your team!


Thank you.