[Update] New Content! "Awakening" System Introduction

by Natara posted Oct 20, 2020



Hello Captains, this is Natara!


This is an advance notice regarding a new content, the long-awaited "Awakening" update!


# What is Awakening?




Awakening is a new system that allows you to further promote fully-promoted hunters.

Awakened hunters can go beyond their limits and gain further strength, becoming far more powerful in various areas.


# How do You Awaken?

Conditions for Awakening

In order to awaken your hunters, you must advance your hunters to ★5 and increase their level to 30.


Items Needed for Awakening

For awakening, you'll need 3 new Awakening Items, 300 Metron Fragments, and 30000 Rupees. You'll be able to check out the new awakening items with the new update.




# What is the Benefit of Awakening?


Appearance Change

Hunters' appearance will be upgraded.


Strengthened Base Stats

Hunters' base stats will increase greatly upon awakening.


Additional Level Up

Awakening will set the hunter level to 1. You can level up the hunter to 30 again.


Strengthened Skills

Skills will be changed to awakening skills, which will become even stronger along with the addition of new effects.


Awakened Transcendence

After awakening, 3 levels of Awakened Transcendence will be added.


# What is Awakened Transcendence?

Awakened Transcendence is an additional transcendence that can be made by the awakened hunters who have completed all 3 existing transcendence.

Awakened Transcendence can be done 3 times and each transcendence requires 1 of the same hunter, Awakening Items, and Metron Crystals.


# Do I need to Know Anything Else?

- Skill level, equipment, and jewels will be maintained even after awakening.


- Hunters before and after awakening will be treated as the same hunter. Therefore, bonuses that were being applied will stay the same.


Also, in contents such as Guild Blitz where only one same hunter can appear, an unawakened hunter and an awakened hunter cannot appear at the same time.


# When is the Awakening Content Coming?

Awakening is planned to be updated in October. Please wait just a little longer for the update!


# Which Hunters Can I Awaken?

The first hunters to be awakened will be Captain, Vincent, and Lapis.

The second hunters to be updated will be Rebecca and Sienna, and the third is planned to be Balian and Gerard.


# 1st Awakening Hunters' Skill Introduction




Awakened Captain

Fire Slash

Deals great damage to the frontline enemy by slashing them with powerful fire and blocks immunity for 10 seconds.


Body Vitalization

Vitalizes physical ability to temporarily strengthen block chance and attack speed when using a skill.


Impregnable Defense

Defender requires a strong resistance in order to protect their team.


Fire Absorption

Randomly absorbs high temperature energy to recover HP and becomes immune to harmful effects when using a skill. Also strengthens armor penetration.


Burning Heart

The Captain uses the true power of the Burning Heart. Gains armor penetration, recovers HP continuously, and increases the team's Rage Gauge by 0.2 per 3 seconds.




Awakened Vincent

Ice Slash

Deals great damage to the frontline enemy by slashing them with a cold blast and blocks immunity for 10 seconds.



Temporarily becomes immune to damage and strengthens attack speed when using a skill.


Offensive Instincts

The offense instinctively concentrates on attacking the enemy.


Ice Burst

When using a skill, randomly bursts cryogenic energy to deal great damage to the entire enemy team and weaken their attack and defense.


Frozen Heart

Vincent uses the true power of the Frozen Heart. Gains armor penetration, recovers HP continuously, and decreases enemy's Rage Gauge by 0.15 every second.




Awakened Lapis

Supersonic Sword

Attacks in an instant with an extreme speed. Injures the enemy greatly, causing them to lose regeneration, and deals continuous bleeding damage until deactivation.


Critical Chance Increase

Greatly strengthens critical chance temporarily by demonstrating extreme concentration.


Offensive Instincts

The offense instinctively concentrates on attacking the enemy.


Chain Aerial Slash

Randomly leaps and makes powerful continuous attacks to the enemy when using a skill. Deals great additional damage and strengthens critical attack damage greatly.


Supersonic Swordsman

Lapis's swordsmanship has become even faster and stronger. Increases attack speed and becomes immune every 3 seconds.


Captains, we hope you look forward to the new content "Awakening" in our upcoming update!


Thank you.