[Notice] New Hunter Natalia Preview

by VSpang posted Nov 23, 2017

Hello, Captain!


Natalia, who you were able to meet in the special region last week, will be joining us in Midgard.

You might have already seen how strong Natalia is in that special region, so we are proud to introduce to you our new strong offense, Natalia.



Noble Spear, Natalia

"A true warrior gives their best, no matter who the opponent may be. Do not expect mercy from me."


Natalia was one of the best warriors of the werewolf tribe. Although she was the daughter of the tribe chief, she became the best warrior based on her skill and was awarded an ancient spear. Because her skills were so outstanding, she became a common target among rival tribes. Natalia takes her inheritance and high-profile as granted, resulting in strange situations as she moves over to Midgard.


Natalia's greatest strength is her attack "Elegant Discipline" that strikes the enemy with consecutive strikes, finishing off with a jab at the enemy's weak point. In addition, the ancient spear has a strange power to weaken the amount of damage the enemy can block, allowing Natalia to deal even more damage than usual.


<Appearance Date>

Friday, November 24, after maintenance


Thank you for your interest!