[News] New Hunters Preview!

by Natara posted Dec 29, 2017

Hello Captain!


There are two new hunters on the block. However, they might be more familiar than you think.


Gullveig and Wild Girl Bibi




Airport officer Gullveig has added hunter as her new profession. Gullveig is a 3★ electric-elemental bomber. Gullveig holds a powerful whip that inflicts great damage to the enemy, which temporarily reduces the enemy's block by chance, increasing your team's damage efficiency. Also, because of her hysterical personality, even if your team gets slightly lazy, she will start flying her whip around and keep the team on their toes, increasing their attacking speed. 


Bibi was abandoned in the forest as a baby but was found by wild wolves who raised her. Wild girl Bibi is a 3★ electric-elemental 
offense attacker who will also participate as a hunter. Bibi can damage your enemies through 'Pack Hunting' skill and add her own attacking skill, which can temporarily increase her overall attacking power. In addition, 'Pack Hunting' can give additional damage by chance, which has the power to take down your enemy instantly. Also, due to her vast experience with wolves, she has learned the predator's intuition, which helps her see the enemy's weak defence points, maximizing her attacking ability.

<Appearance Date>

31st December 12:00PM (GMT+9) 

Thank you for reading.