[Notice] Lily & Lyla Drop Rates Information

by Natara posted Feb 26, 2018

Hello! Captains of Midgard!

We will inform you about the first 4 ★ Hunters Lily & Lyla's recruiting probabilities and how to collect items after the event ends.


First, please check the event notice for detailed information about the  Lily & Lyla recruiting event.

[Event] New Hunters Lily & Lyla + Catch Favorite Hunters!


In addition, please check the previous Blustone's probability rate notice for basic Hunters.

[Notice] Hunter Drop Rate

Before we go into the details of Lily & Lyla's probability, we will guide you through including information about 3★ hunters probability.


Currently in Bluestone, all 3★ Hunter's total probability is 4.76%. This 4.76% consists of a total of 18 Hunters, 9 are classified as [New] and the other 9 are classified as [Original]. (For details about new and original Hunters classification, please refer to the notice link above.)


Therefore, the recruiting probability of individual 3★ grade Hunters is as follows.
- [Original] 3★ individual recruiting 
probabilities : 0.32%
- [New] 3★ individual recruiting 
probabilities : 0.21%


The first 4★ Hunters Lily & Lyla's basic recruiting probability is 0.07% which is 1/3 of the [New] 3★ individual recruiting probability. Currently, Lily & Lyla recruiting probability is applied at 0.21% the same as a [New] 3★ individual recruiting probability due to the New Hunters join Midgard 300% event.


Like it is said on the in-app recruiting event at the top, Lily & Lyla is only available through the event-applied Lottery Mouse. When the event is over, they will be available through Elite Requests and their traces with Evaluation Requests.


Thank you.