[Notice] Presenting the Cryogenic Abyss!

by VSpang posted Jun 16, 2017

Hello, everyone!


Cryogenic Abyss is finally open!

As we've said in our teaser, Cryogenic Abyss only has ice-type monsters so fire-type hunters will take more damage than usual. Unlike other regions, monsters get increasingly difficult to defeat. The furthest area has fortified monsters stronger than any monsters seen before.


According to the Hunter Union, there seem to be new enemies as well. Before we opened this region, looters have sneaked in going after any treasures that may lie there. They will attack you on sight, so be alert!


But hard work pays off, as the Hunter Union will reward those who can manage to conquer this region. It seems as though they'll be handing out even better prizes the further you go!


Cryogenic Abyss


- East of Blood Red Canyon



- Only ice monsters will show up and hunters with the fire attribute will take 10% more damage than usual

- The deeper you go in, the higher the drop rate for Rupee Coupons and Elite Requests

(Rupee Coupons at max 4 times more than usual, Elite Requests at max 3 times more than usual)


Closing Date:

- July 3rd, 2017


Special Rewards from the Hunter Union:

These rewards are determined by how far you've gone within the Cryogenic Abyss upon the closing date.

01 Area Cleared: 3 Recruitment Requests, 1,000 Rupees

02 Area Cleared: 5 Recruitment Requests, 3,000 Rupees

03 Area Cleared: 7 Recruitment Requests, 5,000 Rupees

04 Area Cleared: 9 Recruitment Requests, 7,000 Rupees

05 Area Cleared: 1 Elite Request, 10,000 Rupees

06 Area Cleared: 2 Elite Request, 20,000 Rupees

07 Area Cleared: 3 Elite Request, 30,000 Rupees

08 Area Cleared: 4 Elite Request, 40,000 Rupees

09 Area Cleared: 5 Elite Request, 50,000 Rupees

10 Area Cleared: 6 Elite Request, 60,000 Rupees


See you there!