[News] Regarding Transcendence

by VSpang posted Jul 07, 2017

Hello, everyone.


First of all, we would like to apologize for the transcendence feature to be pushed back from late June to July. To help you prepare you guys for this new features, we would like to share some details.




<Transcendence details>


1. Transcendence occurs by fusing two of the same hunters with the same hunter grade.


2. All hunters are able to transcend once at 3-stars, the second time at 4-stars, and the third time at 5-stars.


3. 1 hunter is needed for the first transcendence, 2 hunters for the second, and 3 for the third.


    (1st Transcendence: one of the same hunter & additional material)

    (2nd Transcendence: two of the same hunters & additional material)

    (3rd Transcendence: three of the same hunters & additional material)


    Therefore to get to the 3rd transcendence, you need a total of 6 of the same hunter.


4. Hunter's overall stats are increased with transcendence.


5. There will be an additional weapons feature for transcended hunters in a future update.


6. Materials needed to transcend will be able to be obtained by weekly dungeons, co-op missions, and other event rewards.


We hope this satisfies some of your questions and we look forward to your thoughts!