[Notice] Abusing Fight Club

by Natara posted Jul 31, 2018

Hello everyone.


Recently, we have received several reports about abusers who have top-ranked in an abnormal way by exploiting the systematic vulnerability of Fight Club.


Based on the details of the reports, through the recent update abusers will no longer be able to rapidly accumulate their FC victory points before the closing time. Also, we have enhanced the system so that we can monitor other cases carefully.


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that stronger sanctions, including a permanent suspension of your account, can be implemented if you are later found to be an unfair abuser in Fight Club.


If you find abusive activity using a new bug or a vulnerable spot in the system, please inform us immediately.


We will take all possible measures to protect other users who play Fight Club fairly from harm.


We will continue to do our best for better service.


Thank you.