[Notice] “Santa Clauster’s Presents” Event Bug Reward

by Natara posted Jan 03, 2019

Hello, this is Natara at your service.


First of all, we would like to thank all the captains who have shown interest and participated in “Santa Clauster’s Presents!” event.


A few days ago, we were able to find an issue in this event through the reports from several captains. To resolve the issue, we extended the event period so that we could fix the problem and make it safe for all the captains to perform the reward exchange. However, we found that some captains are still having difficulty in the exchange process. 


We hoped that every captain would be able to receive the rewards through the gameplay, however, the extended event period has ended.
Therefore, the admin has decided to exchange “Christmas Socks” and “Special Christmas Socks” for rewards to all the users who experienced inconvenience.


We will check all the captains who experienced difficulty with the exchange, and we will exchange “Christmas Socks” and “Special Christmas Socks” for rewards.
The exchanged rewards will be available at Schumann’s Special Supply.


<Subject to Reward Supply>
Every captain who had difficulty with the reward exchange at “Santa Clauster’s Presents!” event page


※ Those of you who have a record of at least one successful exchange will be excluded from this because you will be considered as having no difficulty with the exchange.


<Reward Content>
- Christmas Gift Box (One of them will get selected by chance.)
: 1 Special Request
: 1 Elite Request
: 10,000 rupees
: 60 Fuel
: 2 Challenge Invitations
: 5 Evaluation Requests
: 10 Metron Fragments


- Special Christmas Gift Box (One of them will get selected by chance.)
: 1 Legendary Request
: 1 Special Request
: 1 Metron Crystal
: 2 Elite Requests
: 30,000 rupees
: 10,000 rupees
: 120 Fuel
: 4 Challenge Invitations


※ The reward exchange will proceed with the same drop rate from “Santa Clauster’s Presents!” event.


※ The maximum amount of rewards for your currently owned “Christmas Socks” and “Special Christmas Socks” will be supplied.


<Reward Supply Period>
The rewards will be sent from Jan. 4th, 2019 in consecutive order.


We would like to apologize to all users for the inconvenience and we promise to provide a better service.


We will continue to put our best efforts so that your time in Midgard would be more enjoyable!


Thank you.


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