[Notice] “2nd Anniversary Special Package” Price Issue (Modified)

by Natara posted Sep 26, 2019



Hello, this is Natara.


We are here to tell you about the price issue on the “2nd Anniversary Special Package” that was released today (September 26th).


The originally intended price was:

• 2nd Anniversary – Green Package (47.99 USD)

• 2nd Anniversary – Black Package (94.99 USD)


However, the prices were displayed incorrectly.


We have temporarily removed the package around 15:20 (UTC+9). The product will be made available soon.


There are many Captains who have purchased the product even though we have deactivated the product as quickly as possible. 

For those Captains, we are going to assist you according to the below information.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


<Google Play Users>

: We have proceeded with "refund" and withdrawn the items.


<iOS Users>

: We have withdrawn the items of all the users who have made purchases.


Option 1: For the users who want a refund, please inquire Apple on the refund. When Apple refuses your refund inquiry, please send us the screenshot of Apple's refund refusal email at  cs@visualshower.com with your in-game nickname. We will assist you with the process afterward.


(updated: 2019. 09. 26 19:39)

Option 2: Please contact us if you do not need a refund. We will supply each "600 Paid Manda" / "1,100 Paid Manda" which costs more than the price difference. 


Also, as an apology for our Captains who have made the purchase, we have sent extra Manda to your Hunter Supply Station.


We sincerely apologize once again for the inconvenience.


Thank you.



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