[Notice] Last Week's Guild Blitz Result Notice

by Natara posted Nov 17, 2020



Hello, Captains of Midgard! Natara is here!


We are here to announce the details regarding the result of last week's Guild Blitz.


In the previous notice, the Guild Blitz start time was changed to Saturday 12:00 (UTC+9). However, the Guild Blitz could not be held normally at the announced time.


We have announced the issue regarding the iOS verification process, but this was one of the conditions that were necessary for a normal Guild Blitz process.

Right before the start of the Guild Blitz, we found a crucial server issue regarding the Guild Blitz, which caused the server instability and access issue that our Captains have experienced.


It was after 12:00 (UTC +9) that we were able to successfully fix the issue, to allow proper access and normal progress of the Guild Blitz.

However, some users still faced up to 4 hours of access issue.


We sincerely ask for your understanding in counting all participants of the Guild Blitz as winners, as the Guild Blitz could not be normalized even with the delay in starting time. We sincerely apologize for any confusion that might have been caused by the previous notice.


However, please note that counting every Guild as winners is only done when we can confirm that the Guild Blitz in question cannot progress normally before the Guild Blitz rewards are distributed. 


Last week, the Guild Blitz was originally scheduled for Friday, but it was delayed to Saturday. This greatly reduced the total progress time. On top of this, there was an access issue, which prevented some users from accessing the game for a long time.


Once again, we sincerely ask for your understanding, as counting every Guild as winners was inevitable under these circumstances.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the situation. We will make sure to do our best in providing a smoother service and clearer notice.


<Future Plans>

 - When every Guild has to be counted as winners inevitably in the future, we will make sure to send push notifications to all users.

   [Please note that every Guild will be counted as winners for this week's Guild Blitz.]

 - We sincerely ask for your understanding that you might not be able to check the push notification if you disabled the notification feature.


<Additional Notes>

 - Please note that every Guild has been supplied with the victory rewards, which is the maximum amount of rewards under normal progression. Thus, it is difficult for us to provide additional rewards.

 - However, we will add +1 to the victory count for the Guilds that have actually won to recognize our Captains' effort in the situation where it hadn’t been announced that all Guilds will be counted as winners.


Thank you.


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