v1.0.2.0 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted May 25, 2017

Hello, Captain!


Please keep in mind the following v1.0.2.0 patch information during your travels in Midgard!


< New Features >

  1. Now able to see other hunters from Midgard
  2. Add thumbnail pictures in the chat box
  3. Mark hunters who are able to advance on their thumbnail picture


< Fixed Bugs >

  1. Fuel will be used up once the area is cleared instead of being used the beginning of the battle
  2. Improved Screen freezing phenomena
  3. (AOS) Able to exit game by pressing the back button
  4. Removed being logged out when leaving app in the background for a long time
  5. Modified Fight Club drag sensitivity
  6. All characters are now displayed when training or advancing a hunter
  7. Fixed display error with combat power when advancing to a 4-star Proficient hunter
  8. Modified Lottery Mouse notification display
  9. Added notification on hunter class tabs in the Traces page
  10. Tabs in "Find a hunter" now doesn't reset when using traces to find a hunter
  11. Fixed bug where "prizes gained" notification not being displayed when advancing to the next tier in the Fight Club
  12. Fixed certain Korean fonts not being displayed 
  13. Improved certain hunters' skill numbering display bug 
  14. Improved layout
  15. Fixed scenario typo
  16. Improved game stability


< Next Update Schedule >

  1. New regions: Crimson Chasm and Flamestone Basin
  2. New hunters: Teddybomber, Hermes, and Riko
  3. Fix skill numbering display bug
  4. Add character lock feature
  5. Add sound ON/OFF feature


The patch will be released Thursday, May 25th, and please understand that it takes an additional one or two days for the patch to be released on iOS.


Thank you!


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