v1.0.3.0 Scheduled Patch Notes

by VSpang posted May 31, 2017

Hello, Captain!


We will be releasing the v1.0.3.0 update this Wednesday night by GMT +9 standards, so please take note of the following additions and fixes!


< New Contents >

1. New regions opened

2. New hunters available

** New contents will be released at a different time from the patch.


< New Features >

1. Hunter lock feature

2. Improved special effect sound volume

3. Pause button added

4. Able to use the back button while in chat

5. Add user information in Expedition Area page


< Fixed Bugs >

1. Sound glitching problem improved

2. Tutorial enhanced

3. Fixed a bug where the game did not run in a specific system language

4. Improve layout designs

5. Typos fixed


< v1.0.4.0 Update Plans >

1. Be able to sell items in the Hunter Shop

2. Add sound ON/OFF buttons

3. Add feature where you can turn in 10 Recruitment Requests at a time

4. Change countdown notation in Fight Club


< Additional Future Update Plans >

1. Open Aircraft Platform (labeled "Challenge" in town)

2. Add hunter transcendence feature (feature name currently tentative)

3. Reorganize the hunter advancement page

4. Introduce lottery system


Please understand that it takes an additional one or two days for the patch to be released on iOS.


Thank you!


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