[Event Preview] 60 Days x 600k Downloads Commemoration Events

by VSpang posted Jul 21, 2017

Hello, Captain!


It's already been 60 days since Blustone's release with over 600k global downloads. We believe this is all due to your continued interest and enjoyment. 


To celebrate this, we've prepared 4 events for you all.


1. 60 Days x 600k Downloads Commemoration Event

   - All participating users will receive 60 Manda.

   - Elite Requests bought with Manda will be on a 10% sale.



2. Fight Fire with Fire! Doubled Chances Event

   - The chances you'll receive a 3-star fire-type hunter from Elite Requests will be doubled.



3. Karl Steiner and Akasha are Missing?!

   - The Electric Abyss will be opened.

   - Karl Steiner's and Akasha's traces can be obtained through the event.



4. Community Star is back!

   - Write a post and comments to receive a grand prize through a raffle!



Event periods and details will be revealed with the release of the events tonight.

Thank you for your interest!


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