[Notice] Guild Chat Official Open Announcement 

by VSpang posted Mar 07, 2019

Hello, Vspang here again with an official announcement! Drum Roll Please!


Thank you again for all you Captains here in Midgard for all the love and support you show us!

With the update of Blustone 2, the introduction of the Guild has been a great success and many Captains have made themselves at home. 

And as a great of a location the Guild was, we apologize that for not having an equally appropriate place to communicate with your fellow guild members. 


With all the commentary you have given us, we have taken it all into consideration and we are proud to announce the opening of a community space for the guild where you can communicate and share fuel, known as “Guild Chat”


You can find the “Guild Chat” next to the “General Chat” tab in the chat section. 


Become closer and more connected with the officially opened “Guild Chat”!


And with that, we hope you enjoy your time in Midgard!

Thank you.

Vspang Out!