[Notice] Breaking News! Leonardo’s Mass Production of Ancient Outfits!

by VSpang posted Mar 18, 2019

Hello, VSpang here with some breaking news!

We’ve received some interesting reports from the Hunter Union.


From now on, a select number of Ancient Outfits will be available for purchase with Manda at the Boutique.


Leonardo has been able to produce ancient outfits through his extensive research. As previously these outfits were only discoverable in the ancient ruins, this is a remarkable feat!

And because of the time and work that goes into each outfit, Leonardo has only been able to produce a limited amount for the time being.


The list for his recent productions goes as follows:


- “Encountered on Christmas Octavia”

- “Christmas Elf Bright”

- “Flame of the Masquerade, Athena”



Leonardo is not planning to stop here and continues to research more ancient outfits so that they may be purchasable with Manda.


Let’s all look forward to Leonardo’s future productions and we hope you show interest in his findings!


Thank you,

VSpang out.