v0.9.6 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Mar 30, 2017

Hello hunters!


The following contains the patch notes for the upcoming 0.9.6 version update. Some information are subject to change, so please check out the latest post for new information! A notice will be uploaded if any information has changed.


< New Features >

  1. Chatting between users
  2. A Starter Package for new players
  3. New images for the tutorial stage
  4. New stage boss monsters
  5. Proper porting from vertical to widescreen
  6. Hunter Rating system added
  7. Popups added when opening a new menu
  8. Prizes added in the Stage Selection screen
  9. New push notification icon
  10. Balanced town design
  11. Character-specific events added when acquiring a new hunter


< Fixed Bugs >

  1. Improved Home Button reaction speed
  2. Fixed display issues with certain pages
  3. Title logo fades in more slowly
  4. Area name now changes accordingly in the battle results screen
  5. Able to go to next stage immediately at the battle results screen
  6. Bonus stats added to stage monsters
  7. Fixed sound activation bugs
  8. Quality improved on the title page
  9. Refueling is now more smoother
  10. Town loading time decreased
  11. Numbers added on tutorial stages
  12. Balanced gaining level during stages
  13. Buttons adjusted to be pressed with more ease
  14. Displaying monster stats bug fixed


Thank you for your interest, and we hope to deliver an amazing gaming experience.