v1.0.4.0 Patch Notes and Beckhen's Treat Event Notice

by VSpang posted Jun 09, 2017

Hello, Captain!


Please keep in mind these following updates coming for version to be released tonight.


< New Features >

1. Revenge feature in the Fight Club

2. Able to sell items in the Hunter Shop

3. Add Friendly Matches in Fight Club

4. Sound ON/OFF setting

5. Display user information by tapping when in Midgard

6. Able to change offensive team configuration at the "Choose Your Opponent" page of the Fight Club

7. Able to turn in 10 Recruitment Requests at a time

8. Improved hunter ability sound effects



< Fixed Bugs >

1. Game freezing bug on certain devices fixed

2. Change Fight Club so that the offensive team automatically loses when the time runs out

3. Fuel supply countdown display issue from 6:00 fixed

4. Force battle to pause when taking a call or switching to another application

5. Improved Karl Steiner's ability number display

6. Font unclarity in certain parts fixed

7. Typos fixed



< Beckhen's Treat Notice >

Beckhen's event was supposed to be released along with the new update and was delayed as the update was delayed. We apologize for everyone who has been looking forward to it and we hope you participate in it tonight!


Title: Beckhen's Treat!

Event Period: Friday, June 9 as v1.0.4.0 is released on AOS ~ Monday, June 19 night


Please be aware that it takes an addition one or two days for the update to be released to the App Store.


Thank you!