[News] A new underground ruin?!

by VSpang posted Jun 15, 2017

Hello, Captain!


There's a rumor going around the Hunter Union that a new ruin was found and it's best for you captains to hear about it too.


A huge underground ruin has been found near the Northern Highlands! The Hunter Union is currently investigating the ruins but their work has been stalled by increasingly aggressive enemies. This region was named "Cryogenic Abyss" for its extremely low, sub-zero temperatures and it is said that hunters with fire as their elemental attribute will be especially affected in this region.


But, hard work pays off! The Hunter Union announced the team that conquers this region will be rewarded. You'll get more grandiose rewards the further you go in! Are you up to the task?


Cryogenic Abyss



- North of Northern Highlands



- Only ice monsters will show up and hunters with the fire attribute will take 10% more damage than usual

- The deeper you go in, the higher the drop rate for Rupee Coupons and Elite Requests

  (Rupee Coupons at max 4 times more than usual, Elite Requests at max 3  times more than usual)


The Hunter Union is trying to open the ruins for the brave hunter teams but is still getting ravaged by monsters. We will be back with more news regarding the ruins soon.