[Notice] 2018 Fight Club World Championship SNS Sharing Rewards Event Recipients!

by VSpang posted Mar 15, 2019


Hello, VSpang here with some results that you all have been waiting for!


We would first like to thank all the Captains for your support, interest, and participation in the 2018 Fight Club World Championship SNS Sharing event.


Many Captains had participated, and the competition was fierce. And as we draw the curtains to the end of this event, we would like to announce and congratulate the winners below!


Among the sharers who spread the news far and wide, the ones chosen for the “Legendary Requests”, “Special Requests” and the one lucky “Legendary Selection Request” are revealed now!


<Reward Recipients>

- Legendary Selection Request

: RaynerSin


- Legendary Request







- Special Requests












We congratulate you all once again!


And to those who did not win the event but helped spread the word through SNS, we have prepared an Elite Request as a participation prize.


We thank you again your support, interest, and love for not only the 2018 Fight Club World Championship but the SNS event as well.


And to close, we hope to bring you more of the content you love and we appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you,

VSpang out!