v1.0.0 Scheduled Patch Notes

by 인턴마스터 posted May 14, 2017

Hello hunters!


The following is the patch notes for v1.0.0.

We will be uploading patch notes every time a game is updated.


Thank you for your interest!



< New Features >


1. Dispatch (previously named auto-combat) team
2. Add friends
3. Settings feature
4. Change language (to Korean or Japanese)
5. Invite friends
6. View my or others' stats page
7. Monthly packages
8. First purchase event
9. Title page and town BGM changed
10. Effect added when gaining stars when a stage has been cleared
11. More effects when gaining a hunter



< Fixed Bugs >


1. Random app crashes improved
2. Item malfunctions when entering a shop improved
3. Game running slower when many hunters are owned improved
4. Network stability improved
5. Chatting usability improved
6. Fixed display issues with backstories not displaying for certain characters




< Next Update Schedule >


1. New Event: "Find the Odd Metrons!"
2. New Event: "Living the Hunter Life!"
3. Eye will be added when selecting regions or areas
4. Dispatched Finished and Refuel push notifications will be added
5. Add tutorial animation
6. Improve Hunter Supply Station usability in iOS
7. Improve game optimization in AOS
8. Fix user thumbnail picture not showing in chat, battle, and stats page
9. Improve memory usage
10. Miscellaneous stability improvements


Thank you for taking the time to read our improvements!