v1.0.0.3 Patch Notes

by 인턴마스터 posted May 16, 2017

Hello Captain!


The information below will be applied with the v1.0.0.3 update, so please keep this in mind on your future Midgard excursions!



< New Features >
1. New player welcoming event added



< Fixed Bugs >
1. App crashing when Helper tab is selected in using hunter traces with the Lottery Mouse
2. App crashing when accessing the defensive mode of the Fight Club
3. Fixed the unresponsive close button when changing chat channels
4. Fixed chat text not being displayed
5. The point at which you are logged into general chat changed
6. Fixed bug where you cannot use "Auto-combat" with no hunters
7. Added error message when inputted a nickname that is already possessed
8. Fixed error where not logged in when accessing Community forums



< Next Update Schedule >
1. New event: "Find the Legendary Metron!"
2. New event: "Living the Hunter Life!"
3. Optimize memory usage
4. Miscellaneous optimizations



Please be aware that the update for iOS may be delayed by a day or two due to Apple's app update examinations.


Thank you for your interest!