[Notice] New Regions Preview

by VSpang posted Sep 05, 2017

Hello, Captain!




There has been news that there are new regions being found!


According to Lana, the Hunter Union is working on making roads further out from the [Non-Melting Forest].

The exact date is yet to be confirmed, but the Union will be working hard to complete the construction by September 15th.


Although the details of the new open area have not been disclosed yet, we are likely to be able to travel to [Cresent Hill] and [Burned Forest], which are adjacent to werewolf forests. There is a growing interest among many hunters near the area regarding who they will be able to meet.


The Hunter Union confirms that the enemies have gotten stronger than the past areas, but it is possible to pass through it with hunter teams who have been training for a long time.

We look forward to your interest towards our new regions.


Thank you!