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[Notice] Fuel Changes Announcement   [9]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, VSpang here with some news about Fuel and Challenge Ticket changes!


    From March 18th(KST), Fuel and Challenge Invitation Tickets purchases will change and the details are listed below.


    The value and price of the materials used in the game are closely related to the game economy. Therefore, in order for us to maintain a stable game environment, we monitor the flow of goods and materials very closely.  Our recent inspections find that Fuel and Challenge Invitations values are set too low, so we have made adjustments to Fuel and Challenge Invitation purchases within the game.


    <Changes Made>

    • Fuel and Rupee purchases will be removed from the Manda market.
    • Fuel and Challenge Invitation Ticket purchases available on the main screen will have a bigger increase when purchased continuously.
    • Purchasing rupees with Manda will have a lower initial price setting
    • Rupee market reset times will be every 4 hours.
    • Date changes will reset the purchase prices and gaps. Similar to the current system.


    Thank you,

    VSpang out.


    • Trixmatyr 2019.03.12 14:13
      Good change
    • RaynerSin 2019.03.13 00:28

      "Fuel and Challenge Invitation Ticket purchases available on the main screen will have a bigger increase when purchased continuously."
      Does this mean that it will cost more rupees faster? My god...

      "Rupee market reset times will be every 4 hours."
      And this cuts in half the number of times we can get them daily at base cost.

      In short, fuel and FC ticket prices are going up, and stocking tickets is gonna take much longer.

      Are you trying to make us play less? cos spending fuel and challenge tickets is like 90% of what we do in this game...

    • CrySec 2019.03.13 05:12
      "Purchasing rupees with manda will have a lower initial price setting".

      They are trying to get us to spend manda on rupees so we can buy more costly fuel. Great. I will rely more on guild fuel then. Why waste manda?
    • Nazure 2019.03.13 10:28
      as now rupee is it 2 hours per reset, right?
      after update 4 hours per reset?
      the change not big affect to me. But consider new players - may feel negatively affected a little bit
    • Izathiel 2019.03.13 19:04
      Whatever. I don't buy that much fuel and never buy challenge invitations. It always seemed like an unnecessary amount of effort and a waste of rupees. I do like that buying rupees with manda will be cheaper though.

      They're probably trying to make it harder to hoard tickets and fuel, but also giving an option to spend manda if it really matters that much to you.
    • Elatha 2019.03.14 06:38
      Bad change
    • Jng 2019.03.14 17:05
      Why would you do this?

      How is this a good thing?

      You’re making this game worse, I hope you actively monitor the flow of users....
    • Trixmatyr 2019.03.16 09:53
      It makes it good, 4hr intervals just means less FC invitations to buy.. which eventually means easier life.. don't need to worry about frequently getting attacked
    • Jng 2019.03.22 01:03
      That has nothing to do with fuel, which is what I am referring to...

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