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We’re Asking the Community - Fight Chip Market   [14]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, VSpang here hoping to hear some feedback from all Captains.
    And we’re using this Notice as an opportunity to hear back from you!


    We’ve been brainstorming to make the game more interesting for all of our users and we’ve been thinking a lot lately about the market and its items. We feel out of them, the Fight Chip shop run by Fight Chips which all of you earn so zealously deserves a change. Before any changes made to the products, we would like to hear from you Captains and see if we can implement any suggestions. 


    Please comment below about the items you would like to see in the Fight Chip shop. We will try to take all of your suggestions into consideration in reorganizing the purchasable items. However, if the mentioned items are to show up in the Fight Chip shop they may be excluded from others, please take this into consideration.

    We hope you can understand that we can’t make any guarantees, however, we will try our best to consider all the options you give as feedback.


    Thank you always and we hope to hear from all of you.

    VSpang Out!

    • Lyell 2019.03.22 18:40
      Thanks for this opportunity to share our wishes :)
      I would like to see different 5☆ jewels in the fc shop, since the ones appearing right now are not the greatest. Maybe each jewel should have the same chance of appearing?
    • Stapleclips 2019.03.22 22:08
      If a hunter can be obtained through the hunter select then their traces should also be available for purchase
      i.e. Calibur and Crocus
    • Randomgt 2019.03.23 03:04
      Outfits tickets
    • Elatha 2019.03.23 08:26
      How about manda since that's no longer a reward for events it seems? Without adjusting the amount rewarded weekly for player rank in Fight Club that is.

      Or fuel. Since the amount of fuel that was previously purchasable has been limited.

      Or maybe just better jewels that are actually viable for use.

      Or additional 3 star traces. Add new hunters to the rotation. You could even make 5 rotating slots instead of the 3 that are there. Or at least 4, one for each hunter class (Attack, Defence, Bomber, Support/Healer). Having Lantern and Akasha there 24/7 seems unnecessary.

      Also maybe consider adjusting the values of items. Special Requests and Metron Crystals aren't worth the FC shop values I feel. At most they should be 1000 and 750 respectively. Also 5 star Jewels aren't worth 20000 Fight Chips. Even ones that are more viable. Especially when compared to the Mirage shop. Mirage tokens are far more easily accessible to the average player and the Mirage shop also only refreshes once a day (this should also be changed IMO), yet 5 star jewels in the Mirage shop are only valued at 10000 Mirage tokens. The 5 star jewels in the Fight Chip shop should be brought in line with Mirage and reduced to 10000 chips at most.

      Boutique tickets could also be nice to be purchased. However, with the increase in value of duplicate outfits recently being increased from 1 ticket to 10 tickets, I see this as less important now. Although, it would be a welcome addition to any of the normal shops (Rupee shop, Fight Chip shop, or Mirage shop. Even having them return to the Secret shop would be nice.)
    • RaynerSin 2019.03.23 10:38
      Windblade traces
    • Calludus 2019.03.23 14:49
      The current Fight Club Token Shop is fine.

      You only need to make random selection for Akasha and Lantern so that we have chance to get other hunter traces to choose from for total 5 new random hunters traces every 6hrs.

      Remove 2★ traces.

      Add Attack, Defense, HP and Block Jewels. Ordinary-Radiant.

      Increase Skill Materials quantity to 10 or 20. Original price still reflect to quantity. Since 6hrs, it's better we get much more materials faster and it will be better for those in a mid-level progress Captains.

      Lastly, hmm if you're brainstorming to make the game more interesting to all users, you should really add NEW CONTENT.. It's been October 2018 you announced Guild feature but implemented on December 2018 and finally... March 2019 made Guild's Fuel Request works and Chat too! Yey! (Why took so long? Hehehe)..
      ADD GUILD BOSS EVENT or BATTLE FRONTIER Fight Club Feature in the future please.
    • SONNYxq 2019.03.25 05:49
      I like this idea!
    • Nazure 2019.03.25 10:20
      i still buy 2* traces sometime; so when neccessary then can increase from 35 to 40 traces & do an exchange, without going hunter-search.
    • BeardlessMessi 2019.03.24 05:58
      Apollon traces. Why they never appear in FC shop?
    • Trixmatyr 2019.03.25 15:55
      Rng trace boxes that has chances for you to get 40 4* hunter traces
    • SONNYxq 2019.03.26 07:37
      I like this idea too^^
    • Lois96 2019.03.31 08:21
      Fight club Invitation and Calibur traces or 4* traces :>
    • Shimizu 2019.04.12 01:53
      Purachase vet tickets for a large amount of fight chips
    • Plong 2019.04.15 17:07
      4* traces.

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