[News] A Game of Ant-Catching for the Whole World to Play Together! [AntHolic] is Out Right Now!

by VSpang posted May 24, 2019



Hello Captains, this is VSpang!

Today, I have a very special announcement to share with our lovely Captains who have shown lots of love and support for VisualShower.

I’m here to announce… the official release of VisualShower’s new game, [AntHolic], which is an ant-catching game that can be enjoyed by the whole world!

Annoying ants will show up from nowhere and ruin the clear, white screen! Press down hard on these pesky ants!

If you miss the ants by mistake, these sneaky critters will crawl at a faster pace and even change directions to escape! It will start as light entertainment, but as you keep playing, you will literally be hooked to this game in no time.

In addition! Its global ranking system will fuel the competitive spirits of the Captains!

Becoming the best player among your friends is just the beginning. Keep on testing your limits and become the best!


You can download [AntHolic] through the link below.

Download: http://vsh.kr/-at

We also look forward to your love and support towards the collaboration event that will take place with the release of the iOS [AntHolic]!

We will continue to work hard to provide the best services for our Captains! 

Thank you.