[Notice] Recommend! ★4 Hunter Package Release

by Natara posted Sep 01, 2020


Hello Captains, this is Natara at your service.


We'd like to introduce the new "Recommend! 4 Hunter Package" to welcome September.

This “Recommend! 4 Hunter Package” includes FOUR different 4 hunters that will be very useful for all of our Captains including new Captains.


This package can be bought only once per account, and you can find it from the "Recommend" tab of the Package Shop.


<Package Content>

Recommend! ★4 Hunter Package (29.99 USD)

- 160 Offense Bella’s Traces

- 160 Defense Monica's Traces

- 160 Bomber Audrey’s Traces

- 160 Support Westfield's Traces

- 300 Manda

- 3,700 Veteran Points


We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


Thank you.