[Notice] Hunter Skill Modifications

by Natara posted Jan 18, 2018

Hello, everyone.


We would like to introduce to you the modifications that will come to balance our hunters.
The following changes will be applied in this order until early February.

- Bear
: Rage needed for special skill activation is changed from - 6 to 4


- Kain
: General increase in Kain’s 
defense-related skill
: 5th skill element will change to resistance increase

- Akasha
: Slight increase in 1st skill overall team healing
: 4th skill that helps Akasha’s 1st skill, all teammates damage immunity is increased

- Karl Steiner
: Addition of disabling enemy’s immunity for 10 seconds when using Karl’s special skill

- Bibi
: Adding immunity for unconscious enemy skill in Bibi's 5th skill

* Bear and Kain skill adjustments will be applied from Monday, January 22nd.


All days are in GMT+9. Thank you for reading team!