[News] New Hunter Preview!

by Natara posted Feb 08, 2018

Hello, this is Natara.


Ice element 3-star Yuri is joining Midgard.


Ice Skating Fairy Yuri


You'll come see me during my figure skating practice, right?


Yuri is a young coffee rabbit girl, who dreams of being the best figure skater. Yuri is a figure skating fanatic, who always wears her skates and her figure skating dress. Some of her friends laugh at her for always wearing the same outfit, especially for her tights. But that does not stop her from putting 100% into her practice.
Yuri loves to practice doing her beautiful spins and jumps, but when doing that her floppy ears bothered her. So she tied her ears up tightly together. Because of that, she doesn't hear what others say properly and people sometimes think that she is odd. 
Just by this summary, she seems like she has nothing to do with fighting, but people sometimes hear strange noises or see a vortex where she practices. So people of Midgard cannot easily approach her, as her area is classified as dangerous.




<Appearance Date>

February 9th 

* We will inform you about the time details in the future announcement.


Please welcome ice offense hunter, Yuri.


Thank you! :)