[News] Update Notice

by Natara posted Feb 14, 2018

Hello everyone.


Here are the details of the coming update.


<New Features>
- Added a Bonus System in Lottery Mouse
When throwing the Lottery Mouse using Manda, we will add bonus rupees. The more accurate you throw the Lottery Mouse, the bigger your bonus will be. We look forward to Captains precision with this new exciting feature. 


- Added a 'Do Not Disturb' Alarm Feature


<Bug Improvements>
- Fight Club stability improvements
- Issue with rupees not showing when sharing Hunter via social media
- Issue with being able to play while dispatching


<Upcoming Update Preview>
- Representative Hunter Setting Feature
You will be able to set the hunter you select to show to your friends regardless of whether that hunter is on the exploring deck.
- Addition of Help Page Feature
To understand the game better we will be adding a help page on the side of the menu.
- Addition of Expedition Areas
We are preparing to open new areas where you will be able to test your hunter's strength. It is very much a top secret for now, but we will inform you with more information as time progresses.


Thank you!