[News] v Additional Update Notice

by Natara posted Feb 23, 2018

Hello, Natara here!


There are a few adjustments made to the new 1300 update, so we have made this post.
Please refer to the information below when playing Blustone!


<Gold Abyss Reward Reinforcement> (Applied)
By chance, you can get a huge amount of rupees which is double the amount of rupees you get normally. On top of that, with a low probability, you can get Metron Crystals. 
Afterwards, 'Big Chance' (like the big lottery) will be added to get a large number of rupees, so please look forward to that!


<Addition of Hidden Hunter Fate Mode> (Applied)
The hidden hunter fate mode that many users have requested will be added today.

Keep in mind that the fate stories, however, are not opened yet, but the strength bonus from fate mode is scheduled to be applied first.


<Fight Club Duel Message Reset>
Recently, a few users were not able to play normally in Fight Club. When confirming this problem, it was an issue from the messages of some users duel message. So this problem has been fixed in the 1300 update, we will be resetting users' duel message for stabilization. So even if it can be a little troublesome, we would appreciate if you can set your Fight Club duel message again.


<Abyss Partner Vitalization> (Weekend Only)
Just for this weekend, the number of times to bring a partner to help you clear an Abyss will be increased. Before you could only use your friend once as a partner, until they re-logged in the game, but for this weekend you can use a friend for an unlimited amount of times to help you in the abyss!


<Defense Battle Record Page Limitation> (Weekend Only)
Again just for this weekend we will limit revenging in Fight Club. You will be able to revenge normally when this season ends and start revenging again from Monday.


Thank you.