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[Update] Dispatch Time Reduction, Jewel Removal Cost Deletion Preview   [5]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard.


    Today I’m here to announce some changes to the Dispatch and Jewel Removal features.


    This update was decided on to facilitate quicker growth and diversity in strategy use among Captains.


    Here are the details:


    <Changes Made>

    : Dispatch Time Change

    - Dispatch time no longer changes depending on the difference of strength between your teammates and the opponent.

    - Basic Dispatch time will be changed from 5 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

    - Dispatch time decrease through Guild Bonus will continue to apply.

    * Due to the changes above, from now on, what was originally the shortest Dispatch time will become the norm.


    : Jewel Removal Cost

    - You can now enjoy Jewel Removal with no charge.


    These changes will be applied after February 6th 15:00 (UTC+9).


    Please note that the numerical changes will be applied first and the UI changes relevant to the changes above will be updated accordingly afterwards. 


    We will continue to work hard to make your gaming experience better during your time in Midgard!


    Thank you.


    • Calludus 2020.02.05 08:29
      Wow.. and yet I already spent about million rupees for jewel experiments.. haizz..

      When you'll going to add JEWEL CHOICE SELECTION like you can choose Triangle Square and Diamond. That one also MANDA wasting.. rather using manda for specific jewel needs.

      .. still Thank you for the good update.

      Hope new content for 2020.
    • papapou 2020.02.05 12:00
      Tumbs up!
    • Ryuichiツ 2020.02.05 09:25
    • Blastツ 2020.02.06 16:43
      I'm so grateful for free removal , thanks a million.
      This is a blessing, I can finally switch up my sets without having to sell them to get rid of jewels.

      now all we need to do is get rid of Westfield and Hire Northfield to do grind jewels.


      my only complaints for fixing is: Blitz match making . a UPDATE for match making s required why? we always face the top whale guilds.
    • USER2E4817 2020.02.17 01:11

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