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[Notice] Content Update and Balance Modifications   [4]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard!


    We are here to announce the addition of game content and balance modifications that are coming up soon. We have decided to add the various contents and modify the balance of some hunters so that our Captains can enjoy a more comfortable Midgard life.


    Find out the details below!


    <Date of Changes>

    May 14th, 2020 (Thursday)



    Addition of Market Items

    Fight Chip Shop

    - Traces of Erise, the Prestigious Tailor will be added


    Mirage Shop

    - Traces of Selene, the White Darkness will be added


    Addition of Fate Story

    - Fate story of Kamala & Lottery Mouse 

    - Fate story of Katrina & Blondie


    Modification to Some Limited Hunter's Transcendence

    You'll be able to use the original hunters as a fodder to transcend the following limited hunters:

    - Broom Witch Denali

    - Santa Girl Rebecca


    Hunter Balance Modifications

    Karl Steiner

    - 5th skill: “Critical Damage Chance Increase” increased up to 25% > 30%

    - 5th skill: Added enemy's Critical Damage Chance reduction effect, up to 30%


    Lily & Lyla

    - 2nd skill: Duration time of stun increased up to 2sec > 2.5sec

    - 4th skill: Maximum damage increased by 10%



    - 1st skill: Maximum damage increased by 20%

    - 4th skill: Removed Strike effect



    - 4th skill: Fixed damage increased 1500 > 2000



    - 5th skill: Overall team defense increase maximum reduced 15% > 10%



    - 5th skill: Armor Penetration amount increased up to 15 > 20


    Judith, Judith, the Florist Lady

    - 1st skill: Maximum damage increased by 30%


    Addition of Fish in Fishing Area

    - New fish will be added


    We will continue to work hard to make your gaming experience better during your time in Midgard!


    Thank you!


    • Calludus 2020.05.11 16:15
      How about the Patch 2580, is it still going to happen?
      Well it's better than nothing. Thanks! (^^,)

      Some for Karl! Yey Finally!.. but still a meh.. no Stats improvement. He should be AtkSpd 8, he needs improvement for Def and HP and or BC / DRB. Unlike Katrina, she deserved that AtkSpd 7 knowing she's the only one can reach 3000+ Attack stats at maximum upgrades.

      Poor Judith.. Florist Judith 1st skill should be Strike Damage instead with half the damage of team bleeding. Haha.. Blondie still best 4★ Fire bomber because his team bleeding damage noticeable with support from 5th skill preventing enemy on lobby regenerate HP. Don't nerf him he's fine. If the 4th time you still improving Judith 1st skill,... Better Delete Judith. Haha.. Joke (^^,) \/

      Twins, Geranium, Celine nerf, Bella nerf, > OK.. but Kamalas.. (facepalm)
    • JAR10S 2020.05.11 17:02
      So Karl Steiner is your counter measure for Junia? Nice.
    • BeardlessMessi 2020.05.11 19:15
      New fish! Yeeeeehaw!!!
    • Kappersnapper 2020.05.11 22:15
      These are nice and all, but can we get more buffs to the 1 and 2 star hunters as well as some 3 star hunters, please?

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