[Notice] Notice for Blustone Contents Update Plan

by Natara posted Mar 17, 2020



Hello Captains, this is Natara!


We have been identifying any possible improvements & additions necessary for Blustone by collecting user opinions and play data. Here’s the explanation of what the collected data are and our future plans.

1. Improvement of Skill Description 




Blustone’s skill descriptions are fairly simple.


At the initial stage of Blustone creation, we pursued a simple description method, providing the only necessary information. However, it became harder to deliver accurate information with such minute space. As a result, users’ misunderstandings and inconveniences are gradually increasing.


Skill Pop Up_EN.jpg


Therefore, we are developing an additional system that could deliver all information accurately. The image above is a page that is being developed, and we are working on delivery to provide accurate information of each effect of each skill.


2. Improvement of Training Development


Currently, in order to advance a ★4 hunter to a ★5 hunter, you’ll undergo the following process starting from the beginning:


: 4 ★4 hunters need to be collected to be used as “fodders”

: 4 ★3 hunters need to be advanced to collect a ★4 hunter

: 16 ★3 hunters need to be collected to advance 4 ★3 hunters

: 16 ★2 hunters need to be advanced to collect 16 ★3 hunters

: In order to advanced 16 ★2 hunters… (rest omitted)


Likewise, one hunter can be advanced as a ★5 hunter by following the above repetitive advancement process endlessly. As you already know, this process is a very repetitive and tedious task.


This process tires our Captains and hinders the pleasant play. So, to minimize this repetitive process, we are going to modify the main flow of the training and advancement system.


The main goal of the modification is as follows: “If there are enough items to advance ★1 hunter to a ★5 hunter, advancement to ★5 can be made within one screen without having to go back and forth.”


Here are the changes we are currently reviewing to achieve this modification.


: Remove or minimize the Dispatch time

: Accumulate and possess your item, which is converted from the experience gained through Dispatch

: Introduce a system that can convert hunters consumed during Advancement into certain points depending on their levels and use them regardless of the target's level.


3. Hunter Awakening (Assumed Name)



Some of you may have seen the awakened forms of Captain and Vincent through the final episode of the main scenario. Likewise, the awakening system will be added, which can make hunters even more powerful.


The key changes through the addition of this system are as follows.


: New illustration

: New skill display

: Overall ability improvement

: Skill upgrade

: Separate enhancement element for awakening characters


Through this, ★1 - ★3 hunters will also get the opportunity to be greatly strengthened. The addition of awakening hunters will be made accordingly.


4. Fight Club: Strongest Battlefield (Assumed Name)



In addition to the current Fight Club, we are also constructing the Strongest Battlefield that requires a larger and more elaborate strategy.


The basic concept of the Strongest Battlefield is "Fight Club: Best 2 out of 3” that requires up to 15 hunters. As a result, it is necessary to decide whether to put the strongest hunter in one team or to distribute the team optimally. The coping ability according to the opponent's team composition will become even more important.


5. Guild Raid (Assumed Name)



The PVE mode Guild Raid will be added following the Guild Blitz. Specificity of the system is currently under the internal discussion and is planned to include the following elements.


: All Guild Members attack the powerful boss monster together within the Raid period

: The more attack points you achieve, the more rewards all Guild Members will receive

: Boss monsters have a specific behavior pattern and attacking the weak points of the pattern is the key 

: Boss composition for more variety of characters


Guild Raid generally pursues "competition through cooperation." We plan to make it a content that encourages collaboration, information sharing, and research among users belonging to the Guild.


We will make sure to share all contents above with you after sufficiently developing each and every content.


We sincerely thank each and every one of our Captains for showing your love towards Blustone. We will continue to do our best.


Thank you.