[News] Fight Club Updates

by Natara posted Dec 04, 2017



We have confirmed that a certain user has ranked in an abnormal way on December 3rd at the 29th week of Fight Club by misusing the 'revenge' function and abused our system to higher their personal rank.


The user has been confiscated of their Fight Club rewards and is subject to our first warning. If any user gets an unfair advantage in the same way again, additional sanctions will be imposed on the user. Also, when we confirm a user misusing a bug without reporting and for malicious intentions we will take necessary measures to prevent other users, who have played justly, from being harmed.


Additionally, we would like to individually compensate for the loss to those users who have been harmed by the abusing user and not receiving their rightful Fight Club rewards.


On another note, we know that many of you have been uncomfortable with the instability of the Fight Club service over the weekend. Please accept '180 fuels, 20,000 rupees, and 6 Challenge Invitations' as our apology which can be found in Special Supply.


Lastly, after reviewing many opinions from users about the change in Fight Club we will update the urgent parts of the current problems in Fight Club this week.


1. Fight Club Matching System
At the start of the battle, it will be the same as the opponent is decided at random. However, you'll be able to check your opponent's team formation and after checking their team you can reconstruct your team characters. This way it allows for a more strategic match than before.


2. Changes in Score Variation before Revenge and a Win/Lose

After introducing the automatic matching system, there were many cases in which users were unfairly matched with people at higher levels. However, this situation will be lowered on the new update this week. Even if there is a big difference between the opponent and your team, it is possible to acquire an appropriate amount of victory point (12 ~ 15) instead of extremely low victory points like now.


Thank you.