[Notice] Information of Unusual Gameplay Sanctions

by Natara posted Feb 27, 2018

Recently we have confirmed unusual activity with a specific player in Fight Club. We have checked the battle log of this user and found that there were unusual operations on the play data.


Permanent account suspension was processed without any warning to the account in which this phenomenon was found (Nickname 花惹妹特). Because of this, we plan to execute account suspension immediately for accounts that have been confirmed to attempt unusual manipulation of their play data in the future.


This was a necessary procedure to protect all users who play honestly and fairly. For future, we will impose all necessary procedures to protect our good users. The recent unusual operation that was found is currently being edited and we are preparing an update so that the same method cannot be done again. 


From now on we will strengthen our monitoring, but if you find a user with unusual gameplay please report to us.


Also, if we confirm that a user has operated their data we will permanently suspend that account without a warning. If a user installs Blustone other than from the Appstore or Google Playstore such as unofficial routes or other unofficial support apps, the account’s data or play progress cannot be protected.

Thank you.