[News] Unusual Item Collection Withdrawal from Event Areas Information

by Natara posted Mar 02, 2018

On February 28th 3:00PM (GMT+9), after the event was over, an issue occurred where you could receive abnormal rewards from completing a dispatch continuously in the event areas without moving to another area. 


This is a problem with the game system that needs to be reported, but we have found 359 users who have earned abnormal rewards in the game.


Therefore, we are currently in the process of withdrawing in-game goods that have been identified as having unusual acquisition.


The in-game situation can be confirmed through users’ log and for the future when such an issue arises, the in-game good that is acquired abnormally will be confiscated. Also, even if the items were used already there will be no compensation or return.


Unusual gains earned through bugs or systemic glitches will always be confiscated and the additional resources used from this will be lost. So our developers will do their best to prevent this issue from happening again. But resources consumed in the process of obtaining goods by abusing will cause a loss as mentioned above, so we hope for immediate your report.


Thank you.