[Notice] Update Preview

by Natara posted Mar 15, 2018

Hello everyone.


We would like to guide you through the details of what changes there will be in this week's coming update v1.3.2.0.


<New Features>

- Adding a Help page to the sub-menu

- Adding inventory to check held items and deck selection to manage your team, into the sub-menu

- New players will have a sprout icon in the General Chat (players who joined less than 6 days)

- Feature to sort your friends by their recent active time

- Bulk purchase feature in Manda Store


<Bug Improvements>

- Server optimization

- Correction of red dot error in Major Goals


<Preview of Next Week's Update>

- Opening of New Ruins

New ruins will be opened in the Abyss to test the power of your Hunters.

Much information is still unrevealed, but over time more details will be released.


- Addition of "Advance All" Feature

A feature to upgrade many hunters at once will be added.


- Convenience features for Friends and Special Supply.

Convenient functions such as multiple collecting or deleting features will be added.


Thank you.