[Notice] Update Preview

by Natara posted Mar 22, 2018

Hello, Natara here.


We would like to guide you through the details of what changes there will be in this week's coming update v1.3.3.0.


<New Features>
- Convenience features for organizing friends 
- Feature to move data to 
external memory storage
- Balance Changes
: Changed Fight Club’s attacking speed
: Fight Club rage starts at 1.5 at the start of 
: Increase healing stats when hunters have identical element
(All balance changes will be applied to AOS/IOS after the server maintenance.) 


<Improved Bugs>
- The loading speed when starting the game
- Overall stability improvements
- Fight Club crashes
- The issue where you couldn’t scroll your Facebook friend list when trying to invite


<Next Update Preview>
Opening of Mirage Ruins
New ruins will be opened in the Abyss to test the power of your Hunters.
Much information is still unrevealed, but over time more details will be released.


- Addition of "Advance All" Feature
A feature to upgrade many hunters at once will be added.


- Special Supply Convenience Feature
A feature to collect 10 items at once from Special Supply will be added.


Thank you.