[Notice] Balance Changes Guide

by Natara posted Apr 09, 2018

Hello everyone,


We will inform you about in-game changes that will be applied in the future. The schedule times and specific digits are not fixed and may change.


(Applying this week Wednesday)

- Applying Fair Drop Rates of Rupee Tickets Depending On Fuel Consumption
Currently, the same drop rate of rupee tickets applied to all stages regardless of fuel consumption. So, targeting the harder stages where it costs more fuel decreased and it was also a problem to dispatch higher stages because it was disadvantageous.
So from now, the probability to collect rupee tickets will differ depending on the amount of fuel used. In conclusion, the stages with lower fuel cost will have slightly lower rupee tickets probability. 


<Fight Club Changes>

(Applying next week) 

- Reduced the Maximum Number of Challenge Invitations
After the last update where we increased the amount of Challenge Invitation restoration, people could battle several times at once. Many people said this made them feel pressured to keep playing. So we will the original number from 10 to 6.


- Challenge Invitation Charging Time Increase
Currently, 1 charge per 45 minutes will be changed to 1 charge per 80 minutes.


- Increase of Battle Time
Increased the fight time to 75 seconds instead of 60 seconds.


- Improvement of Victory Point Calculation Fairness
Currently, in Fight Club when the game is forced closed during a battle, it was processed as just cancelling the fight completely, and it didn't minus your victory points. This problem was caused by Fight Club's instability. With this issue, most of it has been fixed, but we will make the following changes to normalize Fight Club again.
From now, when you are forced quit from Fight Club battle victory points will be deducted as the same as if you had lost. 


<Hunter Balance Modifications>

(Applying next week) 


- Karl Steiner
Slight increase in attack power.


- Natalia
Slight increase in defense and block chance.


- Bibi
Slight increase in defense and block chance.


- Bear
A significant increase in healing.


- Edward
Slight increase in healing and 


- Dumble
The effect of his 5th skill is fully reorganized.
Current: Increase his own damage → Reorganized to: Decrease enemy's block in proportion to enemy's damage


- Gullveig
The effect of her 2nd skill will change to the 'Reduce Attack Ability'.
#Reduce Attack Ability: Reduces enemy damage to an extreme amount and prevents tap attacks.

Thank you.