[Notice] Update Information Preview

by Natara posted May 29, 2018

Hiya, it's Natara.


We will guide you about the details of v1.3.9.0 which is going to be updated soon.


<New Features>

- Special Supply Storage Time, Batch Collection Feature

After the update, 7 days of storage time will be added to special supply.

After the update, items kept previously will also have the 7-day holding period.

You will not be able to reinstate items that have been overdue, so please collect your supplies in time!

Also, a feature to collect 10 special supplies at once will be added for your convenience.


- Sound Improvement

Many sounds have been upgraded to higher-quality, including in-game hits, reinforced sound effects, and more.


- Added Display Skip for Advancement Production

You will be able to skip a part of the display production you see at the Hunter Gym during advancement when you touch the screen.


- Changed Item Borders

The item border is divided into 5 grades just like the hunter grades.


- Added Fishing Alarm Message in Chats

When catching a fish higher than silver grade, a golden-crowned sized fish, a congratulation message will be displayed on the chat.


<Balance Changes>

- When winning a battle in Mirage Ruins, the battle team will recover 15% HP


- The Hunter Union hunters that help you as a partner in Abyss or Search will be much more powerful (5★ Hermes, Bibi, Octavia)


- Healing is reduced to half during continuous damage (bleeding)


- Fight Club and Mirage Ruins Balance Adjustments

The excessive efficiency of recovery skills and increasing battle time nonsensically has resulted in the offense teams seeing this disadvantage.

To prevent this, all characters AP and HP will be increased. This will increase maximum health amount and exchanged damage stats, so the healing skill directing the battles will be lowered.  


- Fight Club & Mirage Ruins Collect Rage When Receiving Attacks

The rage you earn by tap-attacking will reduce to half, and that other half will be used when receiving attacks. So, when you are getting hit, this will slightly increase your rage.

Generally, the actual amount of change is minimal.

If the attack speed is increased, the opponent will also be able to collect similar or slightly more rage.

If you make your opponent unattackable, the attacker's receiving attack will reduce and same with their rage collecting, but the defender will be able to collect a small amount of rage.


* Please refer to "Balance Improvement and Update Notice" http://bs.visualshower.com/en/ for details of change intention.

* The Mirage Ruins will have the same structure as Fight Club, so the same rules apply to solve the problem mentioned above.


<Bug Improvements>

- Lines appearing or blinking in screen

- (iOS) Left-side of the screen not touching well

- Fixed the character to not automatically switch when it is in an immunity state during the auto mode

- Symptoms of hunters not showing who are waiting in the ornithopter


<Next Update Preview>

- Start of Character-Exclusive Battles, Addition of Retreat Lines

At the beginning of battles or when the hunter is out of HP and retreats, a unique character-specific dialogue will be added.


- Addition of Sudden Death System

Just for Fight Club, a Sudden Death rule will be added. The battle becomes more intense in the last few seconds left.


- Addition of SNS Share System  

A SNS sharing feature will be added when clearing a stage, catching a big fish, or your FC ranking.


- Addition of Upgrade Equipment 
The 'Upgrade Equipment' related feature will be added.
It is currently under development, and we will release more information about it soon.


Thank you for reading.