[Update] Awakened Hunter Rebecca Addition

by Natara posted Nov 13, 2020



Hello, Captains of Midgard! Natara is here!


The newly awakened hunter, Rebecca is here! What abilities will she show us?


Listed below are the details for the newly awakened hunter.


<Date of Addition>

November 13th


<Newly Awakened Hunter>



<Hunter Introduction>



Rebecca, the Raging Flames of Iron

An Offense who is specialized in seizing the opponent with high critical attack damage and strengthened stun.


Iron Firecracker Bat

Only those who have had a taste of the Firecracker Bat know how much it hurts.

- Deals great Damage to the frontline enemy


Persistent Damage

The bruises left by the Firecracker Bat last for a long time.

- Deals temporary Bleeding Damage to the frontline enemy


Offensive Instincts

The offense instinctively concentrates on attacking the enemy.

- Rebecca's Attack increases up to 15% when the battle starts



When using a skill, it gets randomly activated and stuns the target for a longer duration than a normal stun. Stuns the target for half the duration if the target has stun immunity.

- Stuns the frontline enemy for 3 seconds

- Stuns the target with stun immunity for 1.5 seconds


Raging Flames of Iron

The Firecracker Bat became even heavier and stronger with the reinforced iron and flame.

- Rebecca's Critical Attack Damage increases up to 100% when the battle starts

- Rebecca's Elemental Enhancement increases by 30 when the battle starts


The Christmas limited Santa Girl Rebecca will also be awakened. Santa Girl Rebecca's appearance will be kept the same, but the actual stats and skill effects will be the same as awakened Rebecca.


We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


Thank you.