[Update] Awakened Hunter Hecate Addition!

by Natara posted Mar 11, 2021



Hello, Captains of Midgard! Natara is here!


The tenth awakened hunter, ★1 Fire Defense Hecate will be newly added. What abilities will she show us?


Listed below are the details for the newly awakened hunter.


<Date of Addition>

March 11th


<Newly Awakened Hunter>

Hecate, the Protector


<Hunter Introduction>

Awakened Hecate.jpg


Hecate, the Counterattack Flame

A Defense who overwhelms the Attacker with greatly increased attack, immunity, and counterattack when using a skill.


Fireball Charge

Deals a fire spin attack. Temporarily gets in the state of immunity.

- Deals Strike Damage to the frontline enemy

- Immunity for up to 3 seconds


Fire Explosion

Causes a powerful fire explosion by inflicting a downward blow with the sword. Deals additional damage and greatly increases her attack power temporarily.

- Deals Strike Damage to the frontline enemy

- Hecate's Attack strengthens by 50% for 4.5 seconds


Impregnable Defense

Defender requires a strong resistance in order to protect their team.

- Hecate's Defense increases by 15% when the battle starts


Counterattack Flame

Randomly entwines the sword with fierce flame and deals a stronger counterattack when using a skill. Also, temporarily becomes immune to harmful effects.

- Immune to Harmful Effects for 4.5 seconds

- Hecate's Attack strengthens by 50% for 4.5 seconds

- Strengthens Counterattack frequency


Guardian's Promise

Hecate has firmly decided to become the shield that protects the team. Increases block chance and partial counterattack against the enemy's attack becomes possible.

- Block Chance increases up to 35% when the battle starts

- Activates Counterattack when the battle starts


We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


Thank you.