[Notice] Regarding Exchange Tickets/Coupons

by VSpang posted Oct 23, 2017

Hello, everyone.


Starting from today, Monday October 23rd 15:00 (GMT+8), you can earn more items from Rupee Tickets, Fuel Coupons, and Challenge Invitation Coupons by chance. As you use your Rupee Lottery Ticket, Challenge Invitation Coupon, or Fuel Coupon, you will have a low chance of receiving double what you've bought or a very low chance of receiving 16 times what you've bought. If you are lucky enough to win the 16x lottery, you will also receive a "Veteran Ticket." You can gift this ticket to a friend to give them Veteran points. Share your happiness with a close friend!


In addition, the price and amount of Metron fragments in the Manda Store will change.



Thank you for your interest!