[News] Update Notice

by Natara posted Jan 30, 2018

Hello everyone.


This is a notice for the details of update this week.


<New Features>
- 10+1 Additional Recruitment when Using Manda
There will be a 10+1 feature available at Suspicious Shop. When you use Manda to recruit 10 times you will get a bonus throw. Note that at least one 2★ hunters or above will be guaranteed.


- Fight Club Victory Points Changes
Now, even if you lose in Fight Club, your points will stay the same and won't be deducted.
The points matter still the same, but this is to stop from mid-ranking users drop their FC rankings as big as 2000 from just one point difference. However, this is just applied for when you enter Fight Club to battle. The deduction of your points will remain the same if your 
defense team loses. So remember to managing your defense team well!


- Fight Club Matching System Changes
We will reduce the current matching 
range, so that users with a too much ranking difference will not match with each other.


- Increased Enemy's Speed
Your enemy will approach quicker (run faster). This will help reduce clearing time, and it will also enhance the pleasure of fighting your enemies. 


- Improved all Victory Screen


- Improved Fight Club Matching System


<Bug Fixes and Additional Changes>
- Fixed the issue of occasionally not showing hunter introduction video in Suspicious Shop.
- Fixed the issue of red dot malfunctioning in Supplies or Abyss. 
- Added the red dot to appear when you have an unopened star 


<v1.2.7.0 Update Preview>
- Changed Challenge Invitation Charging Method
Challenge Invitations were charged at 
12:00 AM every day, but this will be changed to a similar method to how your Fuel is charged.

So you will be able to get one by one after a certain amount of time has passed. (Automatic charging is when you have under 6.)

- Added Major Goals
Major Goals that have been locked will available.

- Representative Hunter Setup
You will be able to set up a representative hunter visible to your friends (in ruins) regardless of your current team selection.

- League Upgrade Reward Changes
Recently, there was a dramatic increase in Captains using Fight Club.
In line with this trend, we will strengthen the rankings and league rewards of Fight Club. Changes are as follows.
We will expand the number of users who receive weekly compensation, and issue FC rewards that include Manda to mid-ranking users. Also, there will be slightly lowered adjustments to the League upgrades/Consecutive Victory rewards due to the addition of Manda ("Next League In").


Thank you.




[Edited - Fight Club League Reward Changes is coming in]